Today's economic environment is challenging for all service firms. With your competitors fiercely vying for the attention of both your people and your client base, you’ve got to be adept at increasing revenue and effectively managing your practice.  Firms generally have to take market share from competitors while selling additional services to existing clients. The questions firms must ask and answer include:

  • What are our strengths and weaknesses by geography and market segment?
  • Do we have the talent to win additional business in the market segments earmarked for growth?
  • Are the right incentives in place internally to reward behavior that focuses on taking care of our clients and our people?
  • Does leadership place the appropriate emphasis on growth and are people held accountable for executing the strategy?
  • Has the strategy been clearly communicating so that everyone feels connected to the company and understands what's in it for them when the firm prospers?

PSG can help companies of all sizes grapple with the answers to these questions and other challenges that companies face in trying to grow their business and create opportunities for their people.

PSG CEO Jim Brasher held significant leadership positions while at both KPMG and Baker Tilly. He was responsible for implementing growth strategies and achieving profit plans. He managed practices that ranged in size from $2.5 million (his personal client list) to $1.1 billion in revenue ( KPMG's tax practice). He knows how to grow and manage a profitable practice and clearly understands the metrics attributable to service businesses including leverage, rate per hour, billable hours and billing and collecting.


The members of your professional staff must wear many hats – serve clients, develop business, and train subordinates. Typically, professionals are given every opportunity to develop their subject matter expertise, but are generally not provided with the tools to help them mentor and nurture their subordinates.  Careers take shape in a number of ways. But, most success stories include a coach or a mentor who offered advice and provided a good example or two.

PSG CEO Jim Brasher was lucky to have some outstanding mentors during the course of his professional career. He knows first-hand the value of a good mentor.   In turn, he has mentored dozens of professionals over the years. He believes in helping people build on their strengths while overcoming or minimizing their weaknesses.
Successful coaching means helping people understand:

  • Their strengths and weaknesses
  • What is required of them from their employers point of view
  • Why it is in their best interest to support their subordinates
  • How to do a better job of communicating with their clients, superiors, and subordinates
  • How to develop and implement an action plan that leads to future success

Service businesses only real assets are human capital. Investing in your people leads to better client service, lower turnover, and loyal former employees. Caring for your people helps build an environment that attracts people to the firm because it is a great place to have a career. The challenge is to turn employees and former employees into advocates for your firm. If you do so, it will pay dividends for a long time.


The Professional Series™ is an experienced-based, learning course that examines the skills needed to become and remain an outstanding client service professional. The course prepares management-level professionals to take a substantive role in organization growth, individual improvement, and client care. Learn more about The Professional Series individual course sessions.


In my view, one of his best leadership traits was that he was a superb "player-coach." 
- Pat Karpen,
retired KPMG Partner


As a mentor, he reminded me that I was the driver of my career and not the passenger.  He provided me the tools and the resources to help me be successful but it was up to me to become the change I wanted for myself and for my career.
-Elizen Vallo,
Tax Director, Central Transport


I would recommend Jim to anybody who is looking to improve their interpersonal skills and wants to take ownership of their careers through their own development.
-Mark Strong,
Sr. Manager, Baker Tilly
Virchow Krause


Jim's commitment, drive and enthusiasm and genuine desire to help people around him succeed combined with a great sense of humor make him an ideal mentor and teacher."
- Anna Coutts Donald,
Director, Alter Domus


Jim showed me how my job could be much more rewarding if I just focused on the client.  I will never forget the lessons I learned. If you just listen to the client, understand their needs, make them your needs, and above all enjoy what you are doing, then everything else will fall into place.
- Wafa Shalabi,Vice President, Restructuring Finance


He is a great role model and an effective leader.  Through his leadership skills, he inspires people to perform at their fullest potential. I highly recommend his seminars to professionals who want to further develop their leadership and selling skills.
- Kathie Streck
, International Tax Manager, Motorola Solutions