What sets one professional services firm apart from another?

This is the age old question for most firms. The truth is the margin of differentiation is pretty slim. Most successful firms recognize that their secret weapon is their people. But, it’s not enough to have bright, capable talent on board; these individuals must possess a passion for excellence and a commitment to serve. How does a firm instill or encourage these qualities? Take away the rhetoric, buzzwords, and jargon, the key to sustainable success comes down to a firm’s ability to do two things very well:

Take care of your clients. Take care of your people.


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Planning – A strategy that provides clear direction and anticipates and adjusts to the challenges ahead is crucial. (more)

Coaching – Careers take shape in a number of ways. But, most success stories include a coach or a mentor who offered advice and provided a good example or two... (more)

TrainingThe Professional Series™ is an experienced-based, learning course that examines the skills needed to become and remain an outstanding client service professional... (more)


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The Professional Series encourages participants to examine their own actions and behaviors and to focus on improving or enhancing their performance.

The Valued Advisor and Superior Service explores the meaning of superior client service and the characteristics of a valued business advisor… (more)

Effective Human Resources Management sheds light on how participants can become a more effective manager and how the right behaviors can benefit their...(more)

Professional Selling Skills/Listening Skills focuses on the sales process and the communication skills necessary to be effective at selling...(more)

Leadership Skills explores the attributes of good leaders and the principles by which they conduct themselves…(more)